New Feature: Balance Transfers

Yesterday we explained how to link a Phoneblur account to a Textverified account and vice-versa. Today we’re going to show you how to do a balance transfer of credits between two linked accounts.

Here’s a Phoneblur account with $25.01 in credit. Let’s transfer $10 to a linked Textverified account.

Step 1: Under the “Platform-Link” button, click “Balance Transfers”

Step 2: Enter the amount of credits you would like to transfer

Step 3: Choose which account you would like to transfer the credits to

Step 4: Click “Create Transfer”

Step 5: Approve the transfer

Until you “approve” the transfer, your credits will be listed in your linked account as “awaiting approval.”

After approving the transfer, you should see the transferred credits added to your balance. Please note that credit transfers may take several minutes to process. Happy verifying!

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