New Lower Prices!

Hey Textverified and Phoneblur users, have you seen our new lower prices lately? We’ve cut prices by up to 40% on over 200 of our most popular services.

We know you have lots of options for your verifying needs, but we’d like you to stick around with us. With our new lower prices, you won’t have to choose between exceptional service and low-cost rentals. We still offer the same great service you’re used to, but with extremely competitive prices.

Did you know we’ve also removed surge pricing? Now you’ll pay the same flat rate for any given service, regardless of its popularity or demand.

We’ve heard your feedback and we now cover all credit card transaction fees too!

And if you’re interested in the deals we run on bulk purchases, just reach out to our customer support team. We love our customers and want to make sure you have a superior experience verifying with us. Happy verifying!

Phoneblur: Single Service Temporary Numbers

Need a temporary number for a single service? Do you only require access to this number for a short amount of time? A temporary subscription plan could be the right choice for you!

Single service temporary numbers provide a US-based phone number for use on one designated service. You can rent these numbers in increments of one week or two weeks.

This service is offered as a temporary subscription plan: there are no renewals, no hassle, and no need to remember to top up your credit balance.

Some things to know about single service temporary numbers:

  1. You can purchase multiple temporary single services at one time, but you cannot combine them with permanent service purchases.
  2. You cannot purchase different weekly increments at the same time, i.e. all your temporary numbers in a single purchase must be for either one week or two weeks.
  3. Certain popular single services will not be available in all weekly increments, i.e. you may only be able to purchase a one week subscription for some high-volume services.

Please note: old temporary number subscriptions will be grandfathered-in to our new subscription model. This means that you may continue to use them until they reach their “maximum availability date.” At that time, you will have to re-purchase these single services through our new temporary subscription plans.

Happy verifying!

Phoneblur Feature: Requesting A Service

Did you know you can make requests for popular services? We now offer this feature for both temporary and permanent rentals.

Sometimes you might require a specific service that is currently unavailable on our sites. This service will show up under our service listings, but when you click “Add,” you will be taken to a provisioning request page.

On the provisioning request page, you will be able to request the service and pay for it: we’ll either get the service up and running in three days or we’ll refund your money.

Need a service that doesn’t appear under our existing service listings? Use our “Contact Us” support box and we’ll look into setting it up.

Please know that for all currently unavailable listed services, we do have a limit on how many people can file provisioning requests at a given time. If this limit has been reached, you will see the following error message:

Keep checking back and the option to submit a provisioning request should be available soon. Happy verifying!

Phoneblur: Multiple Permanent Subscriptions

Did you know that you can hold multiple permanent subscriptions under a single Phoneblur account?

When you purchase a new permanent rental service or whole line, you can choose whether you want to add it to your Primary subscription or if you’d like to create a new subscription.

Here’s a screenshot of an account with a single permanent subscription for Coinbase:

Now we’re going to add a second permanent subscription to Instagram:

Click the button for “More Options” and you will see the following choice appear:

Now we can decide whether to add the new Instagram service to our existing Primary subscription or whether we’d like to create a new subscription and add it to that one.

If you choose to add your new permanent number rental to an existing subscription, then when you reach the confirmation page, you’ll see that the new subscription is pro-rated.

Each Phoneblur subscription is billed separately on a 30 day billing cycle. This means that if you add a new service line to an existing subscription, then we’ll only charge you for the portion of the 30-day cycle that applies to your new subscription. In the example above, the new service (Instagram) is only pro-rated by $0.01 because it was purchased quite soon after the first service (Coinbase) that initiated the Primary subscription billing cycle.

If new permanent rental lines are added to existing subscriptions near the end of a 30-day billing cycle, please be advised that we will charge you for the upcoming 30-day cycle (i.e. we will not pro-rate fees if there’s only a short amount of time left in a billing cycle — we will instead apply your purchase to the entire upcoming 30-day cycle).

Using multiple subscriptions can be a great way to keep your different permanent services organized. Some of our customers prefer to use multiple subscriptions because they can group specific services on separate billing cycles. You can also add nicknames to each subscription to help you keep track. Happy verifying!

Textverified: Features Page

More big news for our Textverified users: we now have a concise, easy-to-read Features page up on our site!

If you’re new to Textverified, check it out for a good overview of how to get started. You’ll see information about temporary number rentals, all our additional features, and our app.

Even if you’ve been with us for awhile, you can learn about some of our more advanced features, like sub-account delegations or Resurrect.

Happy verifying!

Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards

Good news for Textverified users! We’ve recently integrated credit card payments from all major credit card providers.

When you add more credits to your account, you should now see a new option in our dropdown menu for “Credit Card (USD).”

If transaction speed if a big concern, we’re also excited to tell you that paying by credit card will usually process faster than Amazon Pay. We hope to expand this new payment option to Phoneblur next month.

Happy verifying!

Have You Been Pwned?

At Textverified and Phoneblur, we care about protecting your privacy and security online. As part of our mission, we want to keep your personal information safe. Have you ever checked in on what’s out there about yourself?

We like to use the site “Have I Been Pwned?” to keep an eye on data breaches. Sometimes your private data will get leaked and you might not know about it until months (or even years!) later.

On “Have I Been Pwned?“, you can enter your phone number or email address. A list of security breaches that included your data will appear, with additional information on the companies involved and how many user accounts were affected.

You might not be able to hide your personal information once it’s public, but you will get a good sense of where you’ve been compromised before. Then you can use an anonymous number rental service through Textverified or Phoneblur to avoid any future leaks.

With so much of our lives taking place online, data breaches are bound to happen. But if you rely on our phone number rental services, a major security leak doesn’t have to affect you. Happy verifying!

New Feature: Account Delegations

Recently we received a great question from one of our users: can one “Parent” user account be used to manage multiple sub-accounts?

“Well, no,” we replied, “But why not?”

Our users know that when they send us good suggestions for improving Textverified, we’ll do everything we can to implement them! We are pleased to announce that we now offer account delegations as a new feature.

If you’re an employer running a big company, you probably want to make a single large purchase on Textverified. It’s too much work to make individual employees purchase credits for our services, or perhaps you have a single company credit card that is only authorized to you.

Now you can delegate one account as a Main or “Parent” account. You can link sub-accounts, known as “Child” accounts, back to the “Parent” account and then add credits to your employees’ accounts directly. Let’s learn how:

Open the menu under the user icon on the top-right side of your screen and then click the “Sub Accounts” link. You’ll see a page that looks like this:

We’ll navigate through the perspective of the “Parent” account, first. Click the button that says, “Convert to Parent Account.” Now you’ll see this:

Copy this code and send it to every employee whose account you’d like to link. Once your employees have entered your unique identifying code into their accounts, you’ll see this screen:

Your code will appear at the top of the page. Below that, you’ll see every “Child” account that is a linked sub-account to your “Parent” account. From here, you can add credits to any linked “Child” account.

Now we’ll go through this process from the perspective of the “Child” account. When you see this page, click the button that says, “Convert to Child Account.”

You’ll be directed to this screen, where you must enter the unique identifying code provided by the “Parent” account:

When you enter your key, you’ll see a message prompting you to link your account to the “Parent” account:

Finally, if you look at your “Child” account once this process has been completed, you’ll see that you are now linked to the “Parent” account:

The “Parent” account may then deposit credits into the “Child” account.

Thanks for the credits, Mom and Dad! Happy verifiying!

Need Another Reason to Verify with Us?

Recently one of our developers came across this article on Vice: “A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16”. In this piece, a journalist hires a hacker to show him just how easy it is to manipulate and re-route someone’s personal phone number using SMS authentication and phony user authorizations.

If this ever happens to you, your phone will seem completely normal — at least until your apps stop working. Or even worse, you’ll stop receiving text messages from friends and family because a hacker is having all your messages redirected!

Can you avoid having this happen to you? Of course you can! The only way a hacker can initiate this re-routing process is if he or she knows your personal phone number to begin with. It’s an easy fix to make sure you NEVER give out your cell phone number to any person or company you don’t trust.

But what if you want to keep using all your apps? We use apps for so much of our daily lives now: from ride-sharing and grocery delivery to banking and online-dating, apps are a critical part of today’s world.

Luckily you have us: at Textverified and Phoneblur, you’ve got two simple ways to protect your private phone number. You can rent one of our US-based cell phone numbers on a short-term or a long-term rental plan and avoid giving out your personal number altogether.

Instead, use one of our numbers any time you need to register for an app or authenticate an account. And if that number gets hacked, all you have to do is switch to a new number.* Stay safe and happy verifying!

*But we’d love it if you drop us a line and let us know one of our numbers has been compromised! 🙂