Resurrect: How Does It Work?

Looking to learn about our new Resurrect feature? You’ve come to the right place!

Under your account, click on Verifications –> History to view your previous verifications. If a verification is eligible for resurrection, there will be a “Resurrect” button under the Actions column. The button will then tell you how much it will cost to resurrect the number, which is often lower than the cost of doing a new verification entirely.

If a number is not available for resurrection, there are three possible reasons:

  1. The number is NO longer available in our system and unfortunately we won’t be able to get it back for you.
  2. You’ve reused and/or resurrected the same number multiple times for one service. Only the last verification you completed with that number will be eligible to Resurrect.
  3. You’re still within the timeframe for a standard Reuse.

One thing to consider: Resurrect is meant more for those times when you’re surprised by a re-verification request. If it’s possible you’ll need a number again, you might prefer a short-term rental.

At Textverified, you can reuse and resurrect numbers even after you’ve used them for a short while. And if that isn’t enough time, you can always take out a weekly rental or a monthly plan for a permanent number over at our partner site, Phoneblur.

But sometimes you won’t know that you’ll need the same number again until you’re asked for it. When that happens, Textverified is here for you.

New Feature: Resurrect

Today we’re excited to announce a new text verification feature: Resurrect.

Over the last few months, we’ve heard from many users who wanted an option to reuse old verification phone numbers. Now you can with Resurrect.

Before Resurrect, users could reuse phone numbers for about two minutes immediately after the initial activation. But if you needed to reverify a few hours later, you’d be stuck.

With Resurrect, you now have the option to resurrect a phone number as long as it is still available within our database. Although we can’t give an exact timeframe on how long individual numbers will remain available for resurrection, we can definitely promise that it will be longer than the existing Reuse option.

Here’s an example: let’s say you’ve just done a text verification with a newly purchased number. Everything works fine and there’s no problems.

But two hours later — or maybe even two days later — you need to reverify using that same number!

In the past, you’d have no way to verify — that number was essentially dead, even if we still had it in our system.

This is where Resurrect comes in: in this same scenario, as long as we still have access to the original verification number, you do too. Now you have the option to bring that number back to life. With the Resurrect feature, you can reverify hours and days later.

Finally, a quick note that you can also use Resurrect automatically via API. Got any questions or comments? Drop us a line and let us know what you think of our new feature.

New Payment Option: Amazon Pay

Lately we’ve received some feedback from our users asking for a credit card payment option. We hear you and we agree — so today we’re introducing Amazon Pay for Textverified. We’ll also be adding Amazon Pay to PhoneBlur soon.

Amazon Pay is a great option for small bundle purchases if you don’t use crypto currency — but since we’ll be processing payments through third party credit card companies, we do need to add a small percentage surcharge to any Amazon Pay purchases. Crypto currency purchases will remain fee-free.

And as always, if you’re interested in larger bundle purchases, please contact us directly and we’ll help you out.

From Textverified to Phoneblur: Phone Number Rentals are Moving!

Exciting news here at Textverified: phone number rentals are moving to our new service, Phoneblur. We have been hard at work bringing you a great new way to rent numbers — and we even have an Android app!

We know you love Textverified, and we’re hoping you’ll love Phoneblur too. If you’re already familiar with renting phone numbers via Textverified, then you won’t notice too many changes over at Phoneblur.

Current phone number rental subscriptions at textverified will remain active, but once they expire, you won’t be able to access them again. But in case you’re wondering, you’ll still be able to find all your SMS verification services at Textverified.

We are encouraging all our Textverified users to create accounts over at Phoneblur. If you’ve come to rely on our exceptional phone number rental service, you know we can really deliver. We want this transition to be as seamless as possible, so let us know if you have any questions.

Before we let you go, we just want to share some details about how temporary rentals work. At Phoneblur, you can now get number rentals in weekly increments!

Starting at only $5/week — and with no activation fee — our weekly rentals are designed for users who need phone numbers for a bit longer than an instant verification, but not quite as long as multiple months. Now Phoneblur can serve all your number rental needs, whether you need just a weekly rental or a long-duration rental.

(Phoneblur API coming soon)

Flexible Purchases – A New Way to Verify

Have you noticed that we’ve been making some changes lately here at Textverified? Today we wanted to let you know that we’re switching up our credits system to look more like dollars. Soon we’ll be taking the next logical step and simply calling your Textverified balance dollars. This shift will make it easy to keep track of your balance.

Fill up your balance a little or a lot — only buy exactly what you need!

We’re also working on a flexible pricing plan to ensure you can buy exactly as much or as little as you need. Moving forward, we want to give you access to larger purchases so you can fund your account without waiting for a bunch of small BTC transactions to process. With our new pricing system, we hope you’ll save time and money.

What is a Non-VoIP Number?

Let’s start with the basics. A non-VoIP number is a phone number that’s not tied to any one service provider or phone plan. It’s easy to use with internet phone services and helps keep your identity secure.

Why use a VoIP number? And what are text verification services anyway?

You may have noticed when signing up for a new account or service that sometimes companies will ask you to provide a phone number for either text or SMS verification. This security measure assumes that each person only has one phone number connected to an individual device — verifying via this process can prevent duplicate accounts from being created or used by a single person, but it can also help avoid the creation of spam accounts. 

But when you provide your personal phone number to an external company, there is often the possibility that someone, somewhere will sell your data to a third party — and you might not even know this has happened!

This is where Textverified comes into play: Not only does Textverified keep your information safe and secure, but you also have the ability to sign up for as many accounts as you like. With Textverified, you can create whatever accounts you need without tying yourself to a single device or phone service provider. Why limit yourself to one number or allow others to sell your information for profit? With Textverified, there is a better way to go.

How Does Textverified Work?

When you sign up for Textverified, you can use credits to utilize services without giving away your personal phone number. We have real phone numbers from major US companies that allow you to register easily and quickly.  Once you select a service, you will have 5 minutes to verify your account. If you don’t verify within the time limit, then your balance won’t be affected. Easy, right?

At Textverified, we are always acquiring new, reliable numbers to provide you with the most versatile solutions. You can use our tooltips to see when new numbers are available for a particular service or when you have already used all of the available numbers for that service.

You can also stay on top of everything by accessing your verification history report. Once a number is chosen, it is cycled out of our system to ensure that no duplicate numbers are used for each specific service request.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more long-term solution, we also offer number rentals that you can utilize multiple times per service. If you’re planning to re-use a number for multiple verification steps, a long-term number rental is a great solution.

Don’t let the fear of losing your privacy stop you from taking advantage of services that require a phone number. With Textverified’s easy-to-use verification services, text and SMS verification doesn’t have to mean compromising your personal security. Learn how our platform can help you today at

Announcing Our New Android App!

Enjoy a native mobile experience while using the same great verifications you’ve always had — check it out here!

Whether you just need one verification or you need ’em in bulk, we’ve got your back. Non-VoIP, US numbers at your fingertips — now you can even keep your privacy on the go.

Let us know what you think and if there are any other features we can bring to our mobile app. Leave your comments and reviews here.

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