• Crypto 102: Sending Bitcoin & Making Payments

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    Yesterday we talked about opening a wallet on a digital currency exchange, like Coinbase. Then we used a debit account to add Bitcoin to your wallet. Today we’re moving to the big leagues: activating the sending feature on your wallet and making a purchase order on Textverified — and tomorrow we’ll talk about how to…

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  • Crypto 101: How to Open a Wallet & Buy Bitcoin

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    At Textverified and our partner site, Phoneblur, the most popular payment method we offer is payment via cryptocurrency. Today we’ll give you a brief rundown on how to buy cryptocurrency, and in a follow-up post, we’ll explain how to use cryptocurrency to make purchases on our sites. Cryptocurrency is digital currency — it’s real money,…

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  • Resurrect: How Does It Work?

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    Looking to learn about our new Resurrect feature? You’ve come to the right place! Under your account, click on Verifications –> History to view your previous verifications. If a verification is eligible for resurrection, there will be a “Resurrect” button under the Actions column. The button will then tell you how much it will cost…

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  • New Feature: Resurrect

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    Today we’re excited to announce a new text verification feature: Resurrect. Over the last few months, we’ve heard from many users who wanted an option to reuse old verification phone numbers. Now you can with Resurrect. Before Resurrect, users could reuse phone numbers for about two minutes immediately after the initial activation. But if you…

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  • New Payment Option: Amazon Pay

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    Lately we’ve received some feedback from our users asking for a credit card payment option. We hear you and we agree — so today we’re introducing Amazon Pay for Textverified. We’ll also be adding Amazon Pay to PhoneBlur soon. Amazon Pay is a great option for small bundle purchases if you don’t use crypto currency…

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  • From Textverified to Phoneblur: Phone Number Rentals are Moving!

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    Exciting news here at Textverified: phone number rentals are moving to our new service, Phoneblur. We have been hard at work bringing you a great new way to rent numbers — and we even have an Android app! We know you love Textverified, and we’re hoping you’ll love Phoneblur too. If you’re already familiar with…

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  • Flexible Purchases – A New Way to Verify

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    Have you noticed that we’ve been making some changes lately here at Textverified? Today we wanted to let you know that we’re switching up our credits system to look more like dollars. Soon we’ll be taking the next logical step and simply calling your Textverified balance dollars. This shift will make it easy to keep…

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  • What is a Non-VoIP Number?

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    Let’s start with the basics. A non-VoIP number is a phone number that’s not tied to any one service provider or phone plan. It’s easy to use with internet phone services and helps keep your identity secure. Why use a VoIP number? And what are text verification services anyway? You may have noticed when signing…

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  • How Does Textverified Work?

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    When you sign up for Textverified, you can use credits to utilize services without giving away your personal phone number. We have real phone numbers from major US companies that allow you to register easily and quickly.  Once you select a service, you will have 5 minutes to verify your account. If you don’t verify…

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  • Announcing Our New Android App!

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    Enjoy a native mobile experience while using the same great verifications you’ve always had — check it out! Whether you just need one verification or you need ’em in bulk, we’ve got your back. Non-VoIP, US numbers at your fingertips — now you can even keep your privacy on the go. Let us know what…

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