Paypal is one of the world’s most widespread ways to send money and get paid digitally. One setback of creating a PayPal account is that an active phone number is required to finish account creation. This can be a setback for those who don’t have a phone number or prefer not to give theirs out. There are a few ways that you can use to get around this issue, like getting a free number created online, but very few of these methods will actually work.

If you want to create a PayPal account without using your personal phone number, continue reading, and you’ll be done in less than five minutes!

Get a Text Message Verification from Textverified

If you want to get SMS verified for Paypal without having to provide your personal phone number, your first stop should be Textverified. Don’t waste your time with dozens of other sites that promise to provide free phone numbers for SMS verification. Often you’ll end up jumping through a bunch of hoops and end up wasting time and not being able to proceed with account creation.

Textverified works by using real phone numbers that have been provided by legitimate US phone companies. These numbers can be generated for you in a manner of seconds, which allows you to get SMS verification for Paypal and hundreds of other services. Only you have access to the number provided to you, and they are not reused for the same service.

textverified home screen

Follow These Steps to Get Verified 

You can get a phone number generated in just a few minutes if you use Textverified. This method works 99% of the time and works for hundreds of other services. Follow these steps to create your new PayPal account without having to provide your personal phone number.

Step 1: Sign Up for PayPal

The first step to creating a PayPal account without a phone number is to start the sign-up process for PayPal. We recommend that you use a personal computer for this process as doing it on mobile can result in mixed outcomes. Once you fill in your basic information for PayPal, you’ll eventually be asked to provide a phone number. Once this occurs, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Verify your PayPal Email Address

This is very important as you’ll have to start this process over in the future if you fail to verify your PayPal email address. If you verify your new PayPal account, you’ll be able to recover the account if you forget your password, and you’ll be able to avoid having to use SMS verification in the future. Once you verify your email address, you can begin making an account for Textverified.

Step 3: Sign Up For Textverified  

You’ll need to first make an account on Textverified if you want to be able to get phone numbers generated for text verification. Don’t worry, account creation is easy and fast and you’ll be able to use your Textverified account for future verification. All you need to do to create an account is add your basic information. Make sure to also verify your Textverified account email and you’ll be all set and ready to move on.

Click below to register:

In order to continue, make sure you have

Credits are the currency Textverified uses to fund your account. A PayPal verification will usually be 1 credit, or $1.

Step 4: Click on “New SMS Verification”

Once you’ve completed the list above, go to the ‘Verifications’ tab on the left navigation bar. Underneath the ‘Verifications’ tab will be a button to select “New SMS Verification”, which will take you to our master list of all services that Textverified offers SMS verification for.

Click new verification

To get SMS verification for PayPal, you’ll have to first use the search bar on Textverified to determine if any new or used phone numbers are available for use. Simply search for ‘PayPal’ in the search bar and Paypal will show up as the first or second result. Click on PayPal

Search for PayPal

Step 6: Generate A Phone Number

This step will be timed, so make sure that you have everything ready on both PayPal and Textverified. When you are ready to proceed, click on ‘PayPal’ in the leftmost column and it will take you to a page where a phone number will have been generated for you. Take this number, copy it, and paste it into the field requesting your phone number on PayPal’s website.

Generate phone number

After this, the ‘Message’ column on Textverified should update with the verification code that you’ll need to finalize your PayPal account’s creation. Copy this code and enter it into PayPal and you’ll be finished and left with a verified PayPal account to use.

Received SMS from PayPal

Get SMS Verification For Other Services

You can quickly and easily get a US phone number for verification generated to create accounts for services like PayPal, Google Voice, Uber, and hundreds of other similar services. Companies want to steal and sell your data, and you can protect yourself by keeping yourself as hidden as possible by not providing your personal phone number.

Textverified offers the best workaround to avoid providing your personal phone number to these companies and services. Consider using your Textverified account the next time you need a phone number to verify your account to avoid future headaches.