In an age where your phone number is almost as personal as your social security number, finding ways to protect it isn’t just smart—it’s essential. At Textverified, we offer a practical approach to enhancing your digital privacy: a temporary phone number to use online services. It’s a cheap, simple, and effective tool for protecting your personal information. This guide will show you how to use our phone numbers to safeguard your real one from unwanted exposure online, starting with Telegram, a platform highly valued by privacy-conscious individuals.

In today’s world, we use our phone number for everything. Most people give out their number without a second thought, only to be onslaught with scam, spam, and phishing links. Even with the latest developments in encryption, phone providers will fork over your text messages and call recordings without second thought. Relying on your personal phone to handle your entire digital life including bank accounts, social media, and communication is a major point of failure if it gets into the wrong hands.

Why Use Cashapp?

CashApp is a mobile payment service developed by Square, Inc., allowing users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app. Beyond money transfers, you can invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies, making it a versatile tool for investing and sharing money with friends.

What are Temporary Numbers?

Temporary phone numbers, or disposable numbers, are short-term, recyclable phone numbers that can be used to sign up for services and verify accounts without revealing your real number. They act as a buffer between your private information and the online world, significantly reducing the risk of privacy breaches.

Why use a temporary number for Cashapp?

Specifically for Cashapp, a temporary number can be useful for adding an additional layer of privacy to your financial life. With an account that’s not directly connected to your personal number, it makes it significantly harder for companies to be able to track how your money is spent or received.

Also, it can be useful in other use cases, such as having a shared Cashapp for your business, easily sharing your cashapp with friends, international use, or reducing spam.

Getting a Temporary Phone Number

Before we continue, it’s important to know that the instructions in this article assume that you’re already a user of the Textverified service. Before following the steps outlined below first make sure you have signed up, logged in, and added credits to your Textverified account.

Considerations: Rentals vs Verifications

At textverified we offer two main types of verification services: rentals and verifications. Each offering has pros and cons, and you should choose the product that fits you best.

Verifications are affordable, instant, and are a one-time use. If you are not worried about keeping your Cashapp account for a long time (ex: signing up for the referral bonus), then you should choose a Cashapp verification.

Rentals are long-term use phone numbers. Rentals come in a wide variety of options of can be kept forever. If you want to keep your Cashapp account indefinitely, check out our renewable rentals (or if you only want to keep for less than 1month, non-renewable rentals).

We will be performing a verification to register for Cashapp. If you’re interested in rentals, you will follow a very similar flow.

Also, make sure you follow standard internet hygiene practices on your devices to get the best possible results for Cashapp

  1. Obtaining Your Temporary Phone Number

    • Navigate to

    • Click “New SMS Verification” Click New Verification

    • Search for “Cashapp” or find it in the list of services Search For Cashapp

    • View your temporary number and navigate back to Cashapp Copy Phone Number on Textverified

  2. Verifying Cashapp

    • Enter the phone number on Cashapp and wait for Cashapp to send you an SMS Type in phone number

    • Receive SMS code and use to verify Cashapp Receive SMS code on Textverified

    • Enter Cashapp code and register for an account! Enter Cashapp code

    Congratulations, you’ve created a new Cashapp account! Cashapp Created


Incorporating temporary phone numbers into your Cashapp registration is a great move for anyone serious about safeguarding their online privacy. Taking steps to protect your privacy is more important than ever. Using our US phone numbers is a powerful way to keep your personal information safe while you explore new services and communicate online. It’s a simple, effective tool that gives you the power to control who has access to your personal information. Alongside other privacy-enhancing tools, temporary numbers can significantly boost your digital security.

We invite you to discover how our service can help you achieve greater privacy and security, not just on Cashapp but across all your online activities. We’re here to provide the tools you need to navigate the digital world with confidence.

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  • How much does it cost for a temporary CashApp number?

    • Prices range for Cashapp numbers depending on whether you purchase a one-time verification or rent a Cashapp number with us. Click here to see our pricing.
  • My number doesn’t seem to work. Why is this the case?