So you’re stuffed full of turkey and you’ve polished off that last slice of pecan pie. Now what?

It’s time to shop! But before you get to those Black Friday deals, how about renting a phone number on Textverified?

These days, many stores and merchants are asking for your phone number as part of the checkout process. But do you really want to give it to them?

Keeping your phone number private will decrease the number of spam messages you get. And if no one has your number, then your data can’t be sold to a third party either.

Some sites will also offer discounts when you register an account with your phone number. Use one of the rental numbers on Phoneblur and you won’t have to worry about sharing your information, but you’ll still get your discount.

This Black Friday, choose a temporary number from Textverified – you can shop ’til you drop and keep your data safe!