Many of our users have been wondering about different uses for rental numbers. Today we’ll talk about ride share services specifically.

Have you ever used Uber, Lyft, or even a ride share app for a traditional taxi company? Each of these services requires an active phone number before you can request a ride.

But if you use your personal phone number to register for a ride share app, then any driver who accepts your ride request will be able to see your number. With that information, your driver could contact you long after you’ve taken that one ride!

Additionally, many people use ride share services to go home after an event or a night out. Between picking you up and dropping you off, both the ride share app and your driver will have access to your home address and your cell phone number. Identity theft is a real concern these days, so why would you want anyone to know more of your personal data than he or she needs to?

This is where Phoneblur comes in: if you use an anonymous number rental for your ride share services, both the app and your driver won’t know your personal number. You can still rely on all your usual services, but now you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your real phone number is secure. And when you put less personal information out there, it’s harder for identity thieves to target you. Happy verifying!