We’re excited to annouce the release of our new Chrome Extension! This new free extension helps streamline your verification process by allowing you to start a verification on the website you’re trying to verify for. There is no need to switch between our website and other sites like you had to do before. Beyond the features that are already available for verifications (favoriting services, reusing numbers, doing another verification for the same service) we’ve added a few new quality of life improvements only available on our extension:

  1. 1. Recommended Services: : Say farewell to the guesswork! Based on the website you’re on, our extension intelligently suggests services that users commonly verify for on that particular site. No more searching or favoriting required – it’s right there at the top when you need it.

    browser extension

  2. 2. Cross-Tab Verifications: Experience enhanced multitasking capabilities with our extension. Verifications initiated through it are now linked to the tab you started them on. That means you can have one tab open waiting for a verification code from Google, and open another tab to do another verification for another Google account or any other service. You no longer have to visit our website and open the specific verification to see the code. It’ll be right there on the tab you started the verification on!

    browser extension verification success screen

  3. 3. Autofill Phone Number/Verification Code: We’ve introduced an autofill feature for phone numbers and verification codes on specific websites like Uber, Bumble, and Amazon. Just click the autofill button next to the copy button, and it will automatically populate the field for you, eliminating the need for manual copy-pasting. Rest assured, you can still copy the phone number and verification code for websites that aren’t currently supported.

Common Questions:

  1. How do I access the extension? All your extensions can be accessed by clicking on the puzzle icon next to your browser url bar. Once you click on it, a menu will show up with all your extensions. You can pin your extension to your windows bar, by clicking on the pin icon. After that it’ll show up next to the puzzle icon. Simply click on the Textverified logo to open up the extension
how to pin extension
  1. How do I login? Logging in to our extension is very simple. Simply click the Authenticate button and approve the login request. If you weren’t logged into Textverified, you’ll be promoted to login before being redirected to the page.
how to login
  1. Can I use the extension on private browsing? Yes, you can use the extension on private browser. However, for all chrome extensions you must enable it yourself. Simply navigate to the chrome extension by clicking on the puzzle icon next to your browser url bar. Click the three dots next to the extension for additional actions and click “Manage extension” and scroll down to “Allow in Incognito” and toggle it to on. Then you’re all set to use the extension on private browsing!
how to use extension in incognito