Ever try a verification through textverified and the SMS code never arrives? In most cases, this is due to users not practicing good internet hygiene. What does this mean?

Internet Hygiene Definition

Also known as browser hygiene or online hygiene, refers to the practices and habits that help in maintaining safety and privacy while using the internet. It encompasses a range of actions designed to protect personal information, prevent malware infections, and create a secure online experience.

In many cases, users of Textverified will not practice good internet hygeine, resulting in users not being able to receive SMS verifications or voice calls. This is because most online services are smart, and can tell that a user is trying to use a number that they do not personally own.

An example of this is a user trying to use a cell phone in the USA, when they are located in another country like India. Another example could be using a shared network with others that is flagged for spam. Many online services will block or mark your IP address to not work with the given service.

How to Practice Good Internet Hygiene

We reccomend looking at this list of items that could be causing your service provider to flag your IP:

  • Low quality proxies
  • Geographic mismatch
  • Repeated use of an IP address
  • Non-standard browsers and emulators
  • Not sanitizing your browser after each session
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Velocity of actions
  • Multiple failed attempts/failures
  • Bots/scripts/any automation

This tracking is can be quite sophisticated so we recommend you check the following to make sure your identity is protected:

  • IP address
  • IP address rotations
  • IP/DNS leaks
  • Cookies, cache, and local storage
  • Proxy/VPN provider quality
  • Geolocation
  • Fingerprints (TCP/Browser)
  • Browser extensions
  • Third-party applications
  • Action throttling

We will be providing tutorials on how to follow each of these practices in the near future. In the meantime, check out other online resources to protect your identity and keep a clean browser. Most issues with our numbers can be resolved by following these principles!