Using proxies or VPNs can be a great and effective way to safeguard your privacy online. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to use when you are trying to access websites and online resources from other countries.

At textverified, we offer temporary phone numbers based in the US. When using these numbers from other countries, or even across the United States, sometimes online services will try to geolocate you to determine whether or not you could own the phone number. This can lead to issues like WhatsApp blocking users from using a US phone number when it can detect your device’s location.

Check Your IP Address

You can check this site, to see where your internet traffic is coming from, and use a VPN or proxy to change where it looks like it is coming from. It’s suggested to use a US-based proxy or VPN server in the US to use Textverified with the most success.

One step further, if you cannot use a US-based proxy, or if you are still not receiving verifications successfully for certain services like WhatsApp, Google Voice, or Telegram, your IP may not be “clean”. You may need to try another proxy or VPN in order to fix your digital reputation.

Check these free sites to check if your IP is listed as a source of spam or if your IP has a bad reputation:

As a rule of thumb, paid VPNs and proxies will be significantly better in terms of quality than free ones. If you continue to have issues with your proxies or have a bad reputation with your current IP address, we suggest trying out paid ExpressVPN or NordVPN.