Textverified has recently merged and simplified rentals from Phoneblur. Here we go over the different terms we use when using our rentals on our site.



Lines that are chosen as “Non-Renewable” are set to expire at a set date and cannot be extended. Non-Renewables are given a set duration to be used, then will be discarded. If you are looking for a phone number that is less temporary, please check out Renewables.

Rental Duration

Non-Renewable rentals only exist for a certain duration of time: 1, 3, 7, or 14 days. If a longer duration is required (30 - unlimited days), please check out our Renewable Rentals.  


Renewable lines are phones that can be rented indefinitely–staying on your account until you stop paying for them. Renewables are paid for every 30 days on a set billing cycle.

Price Proration

Renewable rentals can be prorated depending on the billing cycle they are assigned to. If a user is adding a rental to a billing cycle that less than halfway completed (30-15 days until renewal), they will own the rental for less time but pay less money. If the billing cycle is over halfway complete, the user will pay for the remainder of the current billing cycle and for the next billing cycle, paying for more time and owning the line for additional time.

Special Renewable: Unlimited Service Lines

Unlimited Service lines are renewable rentals that can be used for any and all online services at the same time. For example, with an Unlimited Service rental, you can get Amazon, Gmail, and WhatsApp verifications all on the same line, at the same time. Unlimited Service lines also have custom area codes

Message Checking Mode

This is how your phone receives messages–updating instantly without your involvement, or needing to turn on the line to get your messages.

Manual Message Checking

Your rental will take a few minutes to receive messages after clicking “Wake”. This mode is recommended for users who want an affordable line with a short wait.

Wake Up

“Waking up” your line checks to see if your phone has received any SMS since it’s last activation. The line will be active for a short period (around 5 minutes) to be “Ready” to receive any messages that are sent to the line.


Automatic Message Checking

Your rental is always on and will receive messages instantly without the push of a button. Recommended for users who are willing to pay a small premium for no message wait times.

Billing Cycles

A Billing cycle is the time period of needing to pay for a rental’s renewal. Billing cycles only apply to renewable rentals, and when created, start 30 days from the purchase date. If you have an existing rental with a billing cycle, then you can put a new rental on that cycle to keep your payments organized.

Primary Billing Cycle

Your primary billing cycle is your default billing cycle for renewable rental purchases.

Overdue Rentals

Overdue rentals occur when a renewable rental has expired. Overdue rentals can be recovered for 3 days after a line has been expired.

30 day non-renewables coming soon!


Rental Availability

In Stock

Lines that are in-stock are purchasable instantly and will be added to your account after purchase.

Back Orders

Backordered lines are services that are currently sold out for a particular combination of rental options. Purchasing a backordered line will add a number for that service within 72 hours. Usually takes about a day or so to fulfill backordered lines.