What are Rentals?

Rentals have a long history with Textverified, and have recently been re-launched at the beginning of 2024! Rentals, or phone number rentals, are temporary numbers that can be owned by a user for a longer period of time than a verification.

Benefits of a Rental

Our phone number rentals can be extremely personalized and can be made to perfectly suit your needs. Rentals are made for long-term ownership of a number

How are rentals different than verifications?

Rentals have a different use case than verifications. Rentals are made for long-term use of an account, where verifications are geared towards short-term account use. When you rent a phone number, you can be sure to receive as many SMS codes as you need throughout the duration of the rental. With verifications, you are only paying for the 1-2 times you will need the disposable line.

A great use case for rentals are for keeping your personal number off of dating apps, social media, or online public posting. And with unlimited service lines, you can even receive SMS that is not related to any specific service.

Purchase a Rental

1. Go to the “Active Rentals” page and click “Purchase New Rental”


2. Select Your Service

select service

3. Choose your customization options

customization options

4. Purchase your rental!

purchase rental

Use a Rental

1. Go to the active rentals page

active rentals page

2. If you purchased a “Manual Check Mode” line, press “Wake”. Otherwise, send an SMS to the line and watch it appear in your messages!

wake up line

Phone Number rental costs

Textverified phone rentals vary widely in terms of price depending on how you customize your line. Rentals begin at $3 and can cost up to $60 for our most versatile and custom selections. However, most rentals will cost less than a $1 / day to own.

Rental Terminology

If you have any questions about what a certain term with rentals means, please check out this glossary to learn more. Otherwise, our support team will be happy to help you with questions about your rentals.


Rentals are a powerful tool to protect your privacy and is made to be a long-term solution to use a temporary number and protect your privacy!