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Chrome Extension Walkthrough

We’re excited to annouce the release of our new Chrome Extension! This new free extension helps streamline your verification process by allowing you to start a verification on the website you’re trying to verify for. There is no need to switch between our website and other sites like you had to do before. Beyond the features that are already available for verifications (favoriting services, reusing numbers, doing another verification for the same service) we’ve added a few new quality of life improvements only available on our extension:...

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Rentals cover image


What are Rentals? Rentals have a long history with Textverified, and have recently been re-launched at the beginning of 2024! Rentals, or phone number rentals, are temporary numbers that can be owned by a user for a longer period of time than a verification. Benefits of a Rental Our phone number rentals can be extremely personalized and can be made to perfectly suit your needs. Rentals are made for long-term ownership of a number...

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Rentals Glossary

Textverified has recently merged and simplified rentals from Phoneblur. Here we go over the different terms we use when using our rentals on our site. Renewablility Non-Renewables Lines that are chosen as “Non-Renewable” are set to expire at a set date and cannot be extended. Non-Renewables are given a set duration to be used, then will be discarded. If you are looking for a phone number that is less temporary, please check out Renewables....

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