We have an exciting announcement for Textverified users! After many years and millions of verifications later, we have finally released a highly desired and long awaited feature: FREE SMS VERIFICATIONS!

This feature has been requested by many textverified users and for good reason: who doesn’t like free stuff?

At Textverified, we take pride in providing a high quality experience for our users. This means that even with our free numbers, we will use US-based, non-VoIP phone numbers, which is unprecedented among any other verification provider. This means that even services that do not accept voip numbers (ex: Google Voice), will be able to be verified by our free tier.

Also, we will not show advertisements for customers using our free tier. Our high-quality real phone numbers are now free, without ads.

Check out www.textverified.com/free to use some of our numbers for FREE!

How can I use free numbers?

Our free numbers are available here at www.textverified.com/free. These public free numbers can receive SMS from any service and can be used by anybody. These are AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon US numbers to ensure the highest quality verifications possible for our users.

Try our numbers with 1 click!

Step 1: Visit Textverified

Visit www.textverified.com/free to see our list of free phone numbers. On this page you can see the phone number, the carrier the phone is registered to (AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon), and when it received its last message.

Active numbers

Step 2: Select a number

View the messages on a number and see the last few messages received by our line. Messages should refresh every 30 seconds but you can also click “Refresh SMS” to manually refresh the message list.

Received SMS for T-Mobile line

Step 3: Verify with our number!

Send a verification code to our number and verify your account! Please note, other people may be using the line as well. If you would like a private phone number where you will not have potential interference with your account registration, please check out our rentals and verifications for private, reliable, and secure numbers.

Note about our free numbers

One of the major differences from Textverified verifications and rentals however are that our free phone numbers are PUBLIC. This means that any textverified user will be able to see the SMS you received.

In many scenarios, sharing a number is completely fine and should cover your sms verification needs. However, if you need to ensure that your phone number will not be used by another for your particular service, you can spend as little as $0.25 to get a private number for a certain service. Our most popular services being Whatsapp, Google Voice, Tinder, and more. Check out our verifications and rentals for more info.

Please note, our free-tier of numbers is brand new and subject to rapid change over the next few months. We want to ensure the best possible experience for your phone verification needs, and this is a great step in the right direction!

As always, feel free to give us feedback as well about our products. Happy verifying!