We’re excited to announce that we are now selling shorter temporary numbers (1 day and 3 day) as well as offering the option of buying any of our products with instant availability (no need to ever hit Wake Up before using your line).

Shorter Rentals

In addition to being able to purchase a number for a single service for one week or two weeks, you now have the option to reserve a line for only one or three days for a reduced price. No need to pay more if you only need it for a short amount of time. Please note that like one and two week lines, these are not renewable. If you think you might need to get it back after the period you purchased it for, a one month line might be a better fit for you (since these can be renewed as much as you want).

Instant Availability

We know many of you don’t like having to “Wake Up” your lines before using them. To better serve you, we introduced the option to purchase lines that you will always be ready to receive messages without you ever having to wake them up. You can now buy any of our products with Instant Availability to make sure you will always get your messages without delay.

For temporary numbers, simply flip the Instant Availability toggle for the subscription length you wish to purchase. Then checkout like you normally do and the number(s) you purchase will always be availabile without any need to ever wake them up.

When purchasing permanent numbers, you will see a new screen giving you the option of either the standard availability (which requires Wake Up), or Instant Availability.

Please feel free to reach out to support if you have any questions or suggestions. We are always trying to adjust what we offer to better serve you.