We’re excited to share that our Textverified Chrome Extension has completed its beta phase! After thorough testing and valuable feedback from our amazing users like you, we’re proud to present a polished and reliable extension that’s ready to streamline your verification process. We’ll be releasing the extension officially later this week. What’s new in this update:

browser extension verification success screen
  1. 1. Verification Functionality Improvements We’ve added the ability for users to reuse a previously verified number to complete another verification. This feature streamlines the verification process and saves you valuable time. We’ve introduced a shortcut that allows you to perform another verification of the same service with just a click. No more navigating back to the service list. This functionality used to be only for our website, but now you can directly access it from the extension

  2. 2. Cross-Tab Verifications: With our latest update, you can initiate verifications on one tab while simultaneously opening another tab to start another verification. This streamlined approach eliminates downtime and allows you to maximize your productivity. Whether you’re verifying multiple numbers for personal or business use, our multi-tab functionality ensures that you can keep the verification process moving quickly and smoothly.

  3. 3.Bug Fixes and UI Enhancements: We’ve resolved the issue with our login process, ensuring that you no longer encounter multiple tabs prompting you to approve login requests. We also refined our UI to improve workflow and streamline your user experience. Our small yet impactful tweaks make it easier than ever to navigate and use our extension. Say goodbye to those annoying hiccups and enjoy a smoother experience.

Thank you for your support and patience during our beta phase. Your feedback has been instrumental in the development of the extension. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve this extension. Please let us know about any questions or concerns through our feedback form (also linked in the extension itself). If you require direct assistance, our customer support team is also available to assist you.

You can find the extension on the chrome store.