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At Textverified, we believe that privacy is a human right. That's why we are offering temporary mobile numbers for FREE.

Use our phone numbers to receive SMS verification codes and protect your personal number from online exposure.

All of our numbers are from the United States and non-VoIP – works with any online service. Get SMS online for free!

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Frequently asked questions

What is Textverified?

Textverified is a phone verification service that provides SMS and voice verifications, phone number rentals, and FREE phone numbers! If you'd like to learn more about our paid products, check out this page for more info.

Are these temporary numbers non-VoIP?

Yes, our phone numbers are from the US and non-VoIP to deliver the highest quality service to our users. We only provide non-VoIP numbers across all our products – verifications, rentals, and our free tier.

What's the difference between VoIP and non-VoIP?

VoIP numbers are cheap virtual numbers that will be rejected by many services (Tinder, Venmo, etc). Non-VoIP numbers use real SIM cards, and operate the same as a normal cell phone number. Numbers that are non-VoIP will be accepted by any online service.

How many phone numbers do you have?

We own thousands of US phone numbers, mostly reserved for our paid verification and rental services. However, we offer a quantity of free numbers which are replenished frequently.

Can I send SMS with these free numbers?

You can only receive SMS with these free numbers.

How long does it take to receive SMS with free numbers?

Messages will be refreshed every 30 seconds.

Can these numbers be used worldwide?

Our phone numbers can be used by people all across the world, but since all our phone numbers are based in the US, they will only work for services that support US phone numbers.

Where are these numbers from?

All of our numbers are from major US carriers. Check each number individually to see the carrier information.