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Rent a US phone number online for as long as you would like. Use our real non-VoIP temporary phones to receive SMS codes and verify your anonymous accounts for any length of time.

Quickly generate your phone number and use it to create accounts to keep short or long-term. Our most popular services include Tinder, Venmo, Netflix, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, and more!

Try our temporary phone number rentals and receive SMS online with our short and long term phone plans! If you are looking for a one-time use number, check out our verifications.

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Long-Term Phone Number Rentals


Rentals allow you to own a temporary number for a long period of time.

Own your number for as long as you'd like: 1 Day, 1 Month, 1 Year, or forever! Receive SMS verifications with your phone rental and easily dispose your phone number when you are done with it.

Select a service.
Choose from a list of provided services and get a temporary phone number. We also provide private numbers that work for all services.
Our rentals are highly personalized to fit your needs. Select the type of number that works best for you.
Visit the active rental page to receive SMS on demand, manage your numbers, and view your previous messages.
How to purchase a long-term phone number

Powerful Customization Options

Your rental can be completely customized to your liking. All rentals can receive multiple SMS and are from the US and non-VoIP.

Always On

Users who need their phone number to be online at all times can buy numbers that receive SMS instantly without needing to be turned on. More affordable rentals are also available that receive SMS after a 2 minute delay.


Users can select the length of their rental, options range from a 1 day number, 1 week number, 2 week number, to renting a number month-by-month as they see fit.


Users can choose their line's renewability. Non-renewable rentals expire at a given date, and renewable rentals and can be kept forever.

Area Codes

Users can purchase a line and select a phone number with a specific US area code. Area codes can be selected from all US States (excluding Alaska & Hawaii).

All-On-One Lines

Users can buy a phone line that has many services on the same number. Crucial for some services that must be linked on the same number.

Unlimited Services

Rent a special number that can receive SMS from all services at once. Unlimited service lines can be used as an all-in-one number to verify many accounts.


Verifications vs Rentals

Our phone number rentals and verifications are aimed at different types of use cases. See which ones suits your needs the best.


Starting at...

$0.25 /verification

The perfect plan if you need a one time SMS code or voice call.

  • Non-VoIP US Phone Number
  • US Area Code Selection
  • Receive one-time SMS verifications
  • Receive one-time voice verifications
  • Short-term phone service
  • One account per phone line
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Starting at...

$1.50 /rental

Own a US phone number for as long as you'd like and pay as you go!

  • Non-VoIP US Phone Number
  • US Area Code Selection
  • Receive unlimited SMS
  • Keep number from 1 Day - Forever
  • Extremely customizable
  • Long-term phone service
  • Many accounts per phone line
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