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Receive SMS & OTP From 900+ Services

Works With...

    • Google
    • Ticketmaster
    • PayPal

Real US mobile numbers backed by physical SIMs – compatible with all platforms.

Protect your personal information from data breaches and companies who resell your information.



Number Rentals

Easy Payments

Choose a service and immediately access a phone number to receive a verification code.

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What we offer.

All our phone numbers are from the US and can be bought in countries including the UK, Russia, India, Canada, and France.


Bypass any text or voice verification.

We offer real non-voip US based phone numbers for all major online platforms and mobile applications. Long and short term number rentals available.

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Give out our numbers instead of yours.

We use strong encryption for all online sessions and accept cryptocurrency payments to allow you to protect your data from being shared by companies online.

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Build apps using our powerful API.

We offer a complete API reference for those who wish to integrate and scale their own applications using our phone numbers. Bulk discount pricing is available.

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Loved by users worldwide.

Get a US based non-voip phone number accessible from anywhere in the world.

    • Literally took me 2 minutes to create a bunch of anonymous accounts for Twitter & Discord using your temporary phone verification service. Good job, guys.

      Social Media Manager
      San Francisco, USA
    • This is hands down the best tool to bypass 2-factor OTP codes. Their numbers always work and the support team is great and has been super helpful. Also I can use crypto and my transactions go through really quick and my balance is updated right away.

      Digital Nomad
      Bangkok, Thailand
    • I have been using Textverified's renewable rentals for several weeks now. It gives me peace of mind when ordering food and rideshares to know that I’m not giving my real number to strangers! It's super easy use and helps a lot to protect my privacy.

      Privacy Advocate
      Las Vegas, USA
    • Textverified provides the highest quality numbers. I have tried a bunch of other verification services but most of the time they don't work at all. I like how the numbers are non-voip so I can always get sms verifications for hard to get accounts like Tinder and Bumble. The reliability is 100% worth the price!

      Online Reseller
      London, UK
    • I've used Text verified's services to scale my web application quickly and reliably and create a product that's now making me a living. They make automation easy with their API and have even given me bulk discounts for being a power user.

    • I love Textverified's disposable numbers. I use their services for everything: sms verifications, text verifications, and voice verifications. They are super responsive when you have a problem with the service. A+!

      Savvy Online Saver
      Hong Kong

Great products, simple pricing.

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Receive an SMS one-time-code (OTP) or respond to a voice call to register for ANY service, including popular services like Gmail, Tinder, and WhatsApp.

Starting at...

$0.25 / verification

  • Get a Non-VoIP US phone number
  • Register for any online service
  • Short-term phone number reuse
  • Receive SMS verification codes
  • Respond to voice call verifications
  • Choose a US area code
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Non-Renewable Rentals

Rent one of our phone numbers that can be used for ANY service over a period of 1 to 14 days. Your rental will expire at the end of the chosen period.

Starting at...

$1.50 / rental

  • Get a Non-VoIP US phone number
  • Register for any online service
  • Verify many services on a single line
  • Own your number for 1 to 14 days
  • Receive unlimited SMS verifications
  • Instantly get verifications 24/7
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Renewable Rentals

Rent one of our phone numbers that can used for ANY service and can be kept indefinitely. Pay every 30 days to keep the number for as long as you want.

Starting at...

$5 / month

  • Get a Non-VoIP US phone number
  • Register for any online service
  • Verify many services on a single line
  • Own your number forever
  • Receive unlimited SMS verifications
  • Instantly get verifications 24/7
  • Choose a US area code
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our support team and someone will get back to you shortly!

    • Where are your numbers from?

      Our numbers come from major US phone companies. We guarantee you can verify any service, even those that don't accept virtual numbers such as Google.

    • When do you get new numbers?

      We restock our numbers throughout each day. If we happen to be out of a particular service, we recommend to keep checking back as we are continually restocking. We'll keep expanding our capabilities to provide the best service we can.

    • How long do your short-term/temporary numbers last?

      All of our verification numbers are meant for short-term and temporary use. Once a verification has ended, the number may be removed at any time and we will no longer have access to that number. However, we do offer long-term phone number rentals if you need a temporary phone number for a longer time! Rentals can be rented from one day to an unlimited amount of time. Learn more about our rentals here.

    • What can I use your numbers for?

      Our numbers can be used for virtually any online service including popular ones like Amazon, Ticketmaster, and PayPal. You can use these numbers to register for new accounts, keep your information private, and stop one-time-codes (OTP) from spamming your personal phone. In addition, if a service is not listed, you can still get SMS codes from custom services!

    • Do you provide an API?

      We do! Feel free to integrate and build your own applications using our numbers. Please click here for our API reference.

    • How do I change my password?

      You can click here to change your password.

    • I have an issue/question! What do I do?

      We have the quickest and best support team in the text verification service industry. Please contact our support staff with any issues you have with your cryptocurrency payments, receiving codes, or general help. We appreciate your business and will get back to you shortly!

    • Are your payments secure?

      Yes, our payments are secure and you can pay with card (using Stripe), or with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. We have been verifying since 2019 and have helped users complete millions of verifications.

    • Do you have any free phone numbers I could use?

      We now provide free non-VoIP numbers! Free numbers are public and are in high demand, so your service may not be available. If you're looking for a private number, we offer cheap verifications, with many services starting at $0.25, and you will receive a refund if you do not receive your message or call. We offer text/voice verifications (one-time-use numbers) and phone rentals (long-term numbers).

    • What makes your service different from Google Voice?

      We offer services to verify your identity to register and login to online services (ex: Craigslist, Hinge, and even Google). Google Voice numbers are made to be used like an online personal phone. One of Google Voice's biggest weaknesses however is that it is a VoIP (Voice Over IP) number. When receiving an SMS verification, most services recognize that it's a fake phone number and will reject it. Instead, you should use our numbers to bypass this limitation.

    • I live internationally, can I still use your numbers?

      Absolutely! Our numbers are all based in the US, but you can still get messages through our website if you live in places like India, the UK, Russia, Canada, Germany, Nigeria, etc. Note: You may only be able to register for a US account with a US number depending on the service.