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Textverified Chrome Extension

Our new browser extension is designed to streamline your Textverified experience. With our new extension you can directly complete verifications from your browser instead of our website.

Our Chrome Extension is easy to use and is equipped with new features to further streamline your verification process. No need to switch between pages or devices!

Save time and improve your verification experience by using our intuitive Chrome Extension to verify your accounts on the same page!

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Browser Extension for Verifications

New Features

Beyond the features that are available for verifications on our website, we added new quality of life improvements only available on our extension:

Auto Recommended Services:
Our extension can now intelligently recommend services based on the website you are on. No need to search it up anymore.
Autofill Phone Number/Verification Code:
Our extension can autofill phone number and verification code for services like Uber and Amazon with the click of the button. Say goodbye to copy and paste.
Cross Tab Verifications:
Created verifications are tied to the page so you can have multiple tabs with different verifications ongoing at the same time.
How to verify using chrome extension

Use our extension to verify anything.
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Verify your accounts without having to switch pages or devices!

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