New Feature: Chrome Extension for Sms Verifications

The Textverified SMS Verification Chrome Extension is now available to all users! Simplify your verification process with its autofill functionality for select websites, along with features like recommended services and cross-tab verifications. Check out the blog to see all the new changes! Learn More 04/04/2024 18:19 UTC

New Feature: AdGate Combined SMS and Voice Rentals

You can now verify your AdGate accounts on the same line with SMS and/or voice options via rentals! Learn More 03/02/2024 01:27 UTC

New Update: Simplified Rental Renewals

We released a new update that simplifies rental renewals and recovery of overdue rentals. Learn More 02/14/2024 04:03 UTC

New Verifications API and Webhooks

We've released the new API and webhooks for Verifications. Old Textverified API will be deprecated on March 31, 2024. We've also upgraded the UI for Verification pages. Learn More 02/06/2024 03:08 UTC

New Feature: Rental Webhooks

We have re-released webhooks for rental related events. Verification webhooks will be coming soon. 01/04/2024 08:40 UTC

New Rental Feature: Multiple Services on Same Number

We just released a new feature for rental purchases where you can add multiple services to your cart when checking out, and you can select the "All On Same Line" option to make sure you get the same number for all added services. 12/30/2023 07:53 UTC

New Rentals API

New API documentation for rentals has been published. Old Phoneblur API will be deprecated on March 31, 2024. Learn More 12/22/2023 03:23 UTC

Merging Textverified and Phoneblur - Phase Three

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of merging Textverified and Phoneblur into one site. Phase three just went live! Learn More 12/07/2023 23:07 UTC