Product Overview

Textverified offers the use of Non-VoIP US phone numbers for account verification, multi-factor authentication, one-time passcodes, and many other uses. Check out how to use our wide variety of methods to register your online accounts and receive SMS codes, text messages, and voice calls below!

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Text / SMS


SMS Verifications are our most affordable option to receive a code with a temporary number – starting at $0.25.

Use our numbers for any service, and if you don't get a code, no worries – you won't be charged.

Select a service.
Choose from a list of provided services and immediately access a temporary phone number.
Sign up.
Input the phone number that appears into the service and wait for your code.
Use your code to register for your account.
How to receive an SMS verification online

Text / SMS Verifications

Chrome Extension

Use our Chrome Extension to verify services with Textverified on the same page.

Our browser extension simplifies and streamlines the verification process for you. Works for all services listed.

Select a service.
We will auto suggest services based on the website you are on.
Your verification will be completed in the same window. Read our blog or contact support for help or more information.
How to start a verification via Chrome Extension



Voice Verifications allow you to verify via phone call.

Use our numbers for any service listed, and you'll only get charged if your call connects.

Select a voice service.
Choose from a list of provided services and immediately access a temporary phone number.
Wait for your call.
Input the phone number that appears into the service and wait for your call.
Use our voice controls and follow the call's instructions to verify your account.
How to receive a voice call online


Additional Features

If you want to use a phone number again after receiving a code, you can click the "Reactivate" button inside of the verification modal or on your verification page. Verifications can always be used again for a few minutes after receiving an SMS, but may be used again hours later if we still have access to the number (not guaranteed). If you need guaranteed access to a number for an longer period of time, please use rentals for your verifications.
Area Codes
Choose any area code listed in our dropdown. You will receive access to a phone number with that area code. This filter can be found by clicking the button when selecting the service you wish to verify.
Automatic Refunds
If you never receive your code, you will be refunded your credits automatically. Feel free to try again if you missed your window or a code did not go through.
Verification History
View your previous SMS verifications or voice calls on Textverified through the Verification History page.

Long-Term Phone Numbers


Rentals allow you to own a number for a longer period of time.

Own your number from 1 day to forever.

Select a service.
Choose from a list of provided services and immediately access a temporary phone number. We also provide private numbers that work for all services.
Our rentals are highly personalized to fit your needs. Select the type of number that works best for you.
Visit the active rental page to receive SMS on demand, manage your numbers, and view your previous messages.
How to purchase a long-term phone number



Use our API to interact with Textverified programatically.

Whether you need one verification or thousands, our API will solve your verification problems. Visit our API reference to get started.

Get Your API Key.
Find your API Key on your profile and review to our API documentation to get started.
Generate a Token.
Generate a Bearer Token using your account email and API key to interact with the rest of our endpoints. Use this Bearer token to authenticate yourself when using our API. The token will expire after a certain period of time.
Use our endpoints to automate your Textverified experience. Read our API docs or contact support for help or more information.
How to automate temporary phones via API



Use credits to purchase your verifications and rentals.

Deposit funds using credit card or cryptocurrency. We support major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, USD Coin, Tether ERC20, and Tether TRC20.

Choose A Payment Method.
Select the type of payment you wish to fund your account.
Choose An Amount.
Select a dollar amount you wish to deposit. Note: Crypto has a higher amount that can be deposited in a single transaction.
Get Credits!
Enter your credit card details or send your crypto to our generated address. Once confirmed, you will receive your credits in your account.
How to fund your account with crypto


Additional Features

Bulk Discounts
Need to purchase verifications in bulk? We offer discounts for larger purchases and convenience. Contact us and we’ll work with you to provide exactly what you’re looking for.
Higher Verification Limits
Generally, you can only do a few verifications at a time. Ask us about increasing your concurrent verification limits if you want more verifications, faster. This is especially useful for API users.
Tech Support
Around the clock tech support—we'll answer your questions or assist with any issues that may arise within 24 hours. If you need a service that’s not listed in our database, contact us and we’ll try to add it.

Use our numbers to verify anything.
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