Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your numbers from?
All our numbers come from major US carriers and their affiliates. We only have non-VoIP phone numbers and each number has a physical SIM card associated with it. You can verify any service, even services that do not accept virtual numbers. Examples of services we verify are Google Voice, Tinder, Ticketmaster, Telegram, WhatsApp, Venmo, and more.
When do you get new numbers?
We restock our numbers throughout each day. If we happen to be out of a particular service, we recommend to keep checking back as we are continually restocking. We'll keep expanding our capabilities to provide the best service we can.
What can I use your numbers for?
Our numbers can be used for virtually any online service including popular ones like Amazon, Ticketmaster, and PayPal. You can use these numbers to register for new accounts, keep your information private, and stop one-time-codes (OTP) from spamming your personal phone. In addition, if a service is not listed, you can still get SMS codes from custom services!
Do you provide an API?
Yes, we have an API for all your automation needs! Our API can be used to manage your Textverified account, automate your verifications, purchase rentals, and more. Please click here for more information about how to use our API.
How do I change my password?
You can click here to change your password.
How do I delete my account?
Contact us through support requesting your account to be deleted and we will do so.
Can I change my email address?
Since your email address is your user/account name, we do not offer an email change option.
Do you have any free phone numbers I could use?
We do not currently offer free verifications, but stay tuned as we expand our offerings! We do offer cheap verifications, with many services starting at $0.25, and you will receive a refund if you do not receive your message or call. We offer text/voice verifications (one-time-use numbers) and phone rentals (long-term numbers).
What makes your service different from Google Voice?
We offer services to verify your identity to register and login to online services (ex: Craigslist, Hinge, and even Google). Google Voice numbers are made to be used like an online personal phone. One of Google Voice's biggest weaknesses however is that it is a VoIP (Voice Over IP) number. When receiving an SMS verification, most services recognize that it's a fake phone number and will reject it. Instead, you should use our numbers to bypass this limitation.
I live internationally, can I still use your numbers?
Absolutely! Our numbers are based in the US, but you can still get messages through our website if you live in places like India, the UK, Russia, Canada, Germany, Nigeria, etc. Note: You may only be able to register for a US account with a US number depending on the service.