Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have calling features with rentals?
Currently, our only call offerings are through one time voice verifications. We do not have any calling features with our line rentals, but stay tuned as we expand our offerings!
How do I get more than one service on a single phone number?
You can purchase an “Unlimited Services” 30 day renewable rental (giving you the ability to use any service on the phone line) OR a non-renewable number and selecting your desired services. You can add the services you want to your cart and then during checkout, you can check the box "All On Same Line” when purchasing a single line. All services chosen will be associated with the same phone number.
If my number rental expires, can I get it back in the future?
With our renewable numbers, IF we still have the number, you can reactivate it. There is a $10 reactivation fee, plus we charge the time elapsed, and the base cost of the line. You can check your Rental History to see if the Reactivate button is available.
Why do I have prorated fees?
When you purchase a permanent number and you already have a permanent number on your account, you have two options during Checkout. You can click under 'Billing Cycle' to see these options. You can place the number on an already existing billing cycle and the line will be prorated (it may include another month of purchase), or you can put it on its own cycle and be charged the normal 30 day price, and your account will be charged every 30 days from the time you purchased.
Can I pay for a phone number for more than one month at a time?
You can only pay for the phone number one month at a time. We do have an auto-renew system in place. Please make sure to look next to your phone number and toggle the "Renew" switch on if you want to keep your number for the next cycle, or off if you want to end the rental at the end of the cycle.
When and how does the line Auto-Renew?
If you have enough money in your account for all lines in the billing cycle to auto-renew and the lines are set to auto-renew, the lines will renew right before they are set to expire.
My phone rental already has an account associated with it.
Please contact support and send us a screenshot of the error/issue from the website you were requesting a verification from and make sure the device's time is clearly on display in the screenshot.
My line stopped working, what should I do?
Please remember to press the "Wake Up" button if it's a manual message number. If you did and waited several minutes until after the line was listed as READY, you can then contact support and they will troubleshoot the phone number. Just like any other phone, sometimes it just needs to be restarted.
I purchased a phone number, where is it?
If the line was back ordered then it can take up to 72 hours to fulfill and will be listed under Rental Backorders. If the line was in stock, then it will be on your account under Active Rentals.
When using a rental, what does Manually Check Messages mean compared to Automatically Check Messages?
The key difference between these two options is how you will receive your SMS codes. Lines that have the Manual Check option selected need time to "Wake Up" (AKA turn on) to receive messages. Waking up a line usually take around 2 minutes, and you will have time to receive your SMS to verify your account. Lines with the Automatically Check feature are usually more expensive but are always on, and do not need to be woken up. These numbers will receive messages without delay from your service. We recommend you choose the type of line that suits your cost and functionality needs the best.
What does Non-Renewable mean compared to Renewable lines?
The key difference between these two options is how long you can keep your lines. With Non-Renewable lines, you are given the rental for a set duration of time (1 to 14 days), after which the number will disappear from your account at the end of the selected duration. With Renewable lines, you can choose to hold on to your phone number indefinitely – as long as you continue to pay for it, you'll keep your line. Non-Renewable lines are paid for once for the duration, and Renewable lines are paid for on a month-to-month basis on a billing cycle.